Birds of a Feather
Getting SysAdmins and Scientists to Play Nice
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Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather Tags
Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, July 245pm - 6pm
DescriptionAt many computational centers serving scientists, balancing the interests of system architects and administrators with those of individual researchers is difficult. Architects and administrators generally prioritize making the clusters work for all who use them and enforcing compliance con- trols, whereas researchers generally prioritize optimizing the system for their particular use case. These priorities can lead to tensions over hardware, software, security, planning and other areas. Yet productive work depends on combined effort from both scientists and system administrators.

In this panel, we will discuss how to resolve tensions between these groups by covering a number of key topics related to this issue, providing an overview and then sharing our own experiences within the Penn State Institute for CyberScience (ICS), which administers Penn State’s HPC systems. We’ll then moderate an interactive discussion of each topic. We will develop a white paper with best practices and lessons from this session for public distribution.