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Academic HPC center ROI calculations and cloud provider comparisons
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, July 255pm - 6pm
DescriptionIn October / November 2017, there was an email thread started on the general CASC member mailing list regarding comparing academic HPC centers to commercial cloud providers and estimating the ROI / cost avoidance of said centers. The thread resulted in over 94 emails over a 3 week period, 33 people responding to a Doodle poll, and a very well attended session at SC'17 in Denver immediately following the annual CASC luncheon.

Some key quotes were: "It's hard to compare costs because we don't know the detailed cost analysis of running on campus" (Amy Apon, Clemson), in reference to a Chronicle of Higher Education Article; "Can we yet state that the ROI on IU’s investment in cyberinfrastructure is > 1? Not quite yet" (Craig Stewart, PTI@IU), in an EDUCAUSE presentation; "Expand the charter of the working group on cost and technology comparisons for academic use of cloud computing formed in March 2017… and aim to produce a report by the next Spring meeting" (Alan Sill, TTU), as a proposed action item.

A working group has been formed and will be continuing to work on a report related to this during early 2018. While this will surely be a topic of extensive discussion at the Spring CASC meeting, PEARC18 provides a nice opportunity to regroup several months later to discuss the status.