Birds of a Feather
Scaling the Services of Research Computing Teams
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Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, July 245pm - 6pm
DescriptionMany research computing teams operate with a limited number of staff while the demand for their services exceeds their bandwidth. These teams typically support thousands of researchers, instructors and students from multiple backgrounds and disciplines. Accordingly, some of the duties of research computing groups include the following:

- Managing & maintaining software/hardware of the research clusters

- Debugging and optimizing computing workloads

- Resolving tickets & writing documentation

- Developing teaching materials and organize trainings for computational skills

- Adding new services to diversify the user profile

- Consulting with researchers to provide access to appropriate resources during the lifecycle of a research project

- Developing service models that leverage IT staff embedded in departments

- Contributing research projects with data analysis, visualizations and software development

Considering the heavy expectations, it is imperative to start a conversation and share expertise on how we scale our support capabilities while engaging our communities.

This “Birds of a Feather” session will bring together a panel of practitioners and audience to discuss the effective means and best practices in sustainable support of growing research computing needs in academic institutions. The attendees will elucidate their experience on leveraging student assistance, community development, cloud resources, automation of tasks, mass training opportunities etc. Additionally, this BoF will allow us to invite other research computing groups to form a partnership, the intent of which is to share knowledge, service ideas, training documentation and other materials between groups and thus facilitate scaling of our services in our respective communities.