Birds of a Feather
Raising the Bar for High Quality HPC Learning Repositories
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Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, July 255pm - 6pm
DescriptionThis is a proposal for a PEARC18 Birds-of-a-Feather to identify and promote requirements for high quality repositories of high-performance computing education and training materials.

There are numerous repositories and lists that attempt to help people find education and training materials related to high-performance computing. These lists simplify the search but lack consistent curation characteristics. For example, some repositories categorize and rank materials, include materials translated into multiple languages, and/or provide options to earn badges. Others include information on internships, fellowships, and career opportunities. Some repositories cross-reference one another, others don’t. This lack of consistency leaves a false impression of the full range of available resources, and leads to missed opportunities for people looking for quality materials. Furthermore, many HPC trainers and educators who met at the SC17 workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training identified “Promoting and Collating Education and Training Materials” as the most important topic to be addressed by the HPC community in 2018.

The BOF will focus on empowering the attendees to share lessons learned, challenges, opportunities, and suggestions for improving repositories.

The BoF will engage the participants in discussions on multiple topics that will be determined by the attendees. The topics may include but not be limited to: 1) audiences to serve and content they wish to access and/or publish, 2) challenges and requirements for consumers and providers, 3) opportunities for cross-linking and sharing among repositories, 4) standards for interfaces, indexing, searching, metadata, vocabulary, ADA compliance, and 5) quality review process - lite-weight versus in-depth approaches/

All attendees will be asked to identify and rank the findings, and to join ongoing discussions and collaborative activities to enhance learning repositories.

The BoF findings will be documented and made publicly available to help guide the evolution of learning repositories.