Birds of a Feather
Bringing Professional Skills Training to CI
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Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, July 255pm - 6pm
DescriptionA number of professional skills training programs and resources have been developed in recent years, in part due to the efforts of the NSF CyberTraining Initiative. The goal of this BOF is to bring these groups together and explore ways to share information and coordinate efforts.

As the integration of CI in research continues, CI Professionals find themselves tackling problems and consulting on projects that are increasingly complex and collaborative. In order to respond to these various requests, CI Professionals need both the expertise to solve computational challenges and the professional skills to work effectively with individuals and teams who have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and goals.

The organizers of this BOF will facilitate conversations and brainstorming activities within this interactive session, with the goal of identifying opportunities to build on each other’s success and develop ongoing collaborations. For example, authors of open-source professional skills curricula might meet experienced facilitators with an interest in bringing their content to new audiences. Or content developers might identify gaps in available resources and develop new partnerships to address these needs.

This BOF is proposed by a team that has received NSF CyberTraining funds to develop open-source, professional skills training in communication, teamwork and leadership for CI Professionals along with a “train the trainers” module to facilitate national access to these materials.