Birds of a Feather
Supporting Student-Driven Research: Fostering Mentorship to Promote Student Success
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Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather Tags
Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, July 245pm - 6pm
LocationBenedum Room
DescriptionThis is a proposal for a PEARC18 Birds-of-a-Feather to promote strategies for supporting student-driven research within the XSEDE community.

XSEDE Workforce Development focuses its efforts on preparing and sustaining a larger, more diverse pool of undergraduate and graduate students to be future researchers and educators. Workforce Development offers many opportunities for student engagement through training, internship, and mentoring to foster real-world research and development experiences. These experiences promote and encourage students to seek advanced degrees and pursue careers in fields that utilize computational and data-enabled knowledge. These experiences rely on and are more successful given the expertise and mentorship of current researchers and educators within the XSEDE community. This session is designed to help inform those researchers and educators within the community who might be interested in providing their expertise in supporting the Workforce Development efforts. Key strategies for encouraging student participation in XSEDE Workforce Development opportunities will presented. Additionally, challenges involved in supporting student-driven research and providing mentorship of future researchers will be addressed to help promote the involvement of more researchers and educators within the XSEDE community as mentors. Further, this session will suggest methods of adjusting resource allocation and project proposals to incorporate the involvement of student researchers.

The BoF will begin with a panel providing an overview of the strategies and challenges discussed above. There will then be an open discussion on the following topics: mentorship time commitment, recruiting highly-motivated students, encouraging involvement of historically underrepresented students, and knowledge mentors should have to promote student success.