First Principles in Advanced Cyberinfrastructure - Concepts and Skills Needed for Broader Engagement and Participation
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TimeTuesday, July 241:30pm - 3pm
DescriptionThe objective of this panel is to bring together thought leaders in learning and workforce development to discuss advanced cyberinfrastructure training. Recent major community input and reports from the National Academies ( in-2017-2020), National Science Foundation (, and a joint report from National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation ( highlight the importance of workforce development and training. These reports contain vast amounts of information and priorities for the future. The panelists will share their perspective and explore what they think are fundamental concepts and technologies in advanced cyberinfrastructure that researchers need to learn in order to be effective at engaging advanced cyberinfrastructure resources. In addition, discussion around curriculum/training successes and failures will highlight the opportunities and challenges in developing our next generation of researchers in advanced cyberinfrastructure across domains. The participants of the session will come away from the session with a better understanding of the diverse learning environments and curriculum approaches and what fundamental concepts and skill are needed to best engage and participate with advanced cyberinfrastructure.

Key questions (among others) that will be discussed by the panelists include:

1) What are the fundamental concepts in advanced cyberinfrastructure necessary for effective engagement by a domain scientist or researcher?

2) What are the “stepping stones” for interested domain scientists or researchers?

3) Should we let the students to self-teach or should fundamental concepts be taught?

Tentative Panelists:
One XSEDE Campus Champion