High-Performance Computing Education for Undergraduates: Providing Competent Graduates
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Undergraduate Education
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TimeWednesday, July 254:15pm - 5pm
DescriptionThis panel will discuss workforce development efforts at the undergraduate level to produce graduates with the necessary skills to work productively in high-performance computing and/or big data. With a national need for more graduates in these areas universities need to provide pathways for students to obtain this training. Many such efforts are underway, but these may be fragmented and disjoint.

This panel will address the following questions. First, what is needed for a graduate to be productive in an entry-level position in the high-performance computing and/or big data areas? Second, what pathways can be provided by universities to facilitate this education? Third, is there a need for a set of central guidelines managed by an organization such as ABET? Fourth, what are the central guidelines and topic areas for such an educational program?