XSEDE Offerings for Research Computing Centers
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TimeWednesday, July 2510:30am - 11:15am
DescriptionWhile XSEDE is best known as an NSF-funded infrastructure program that provides central services for users who wish to use a portfolio of NSF-funded computing service providers, XSEDE offers services that can also benefit a far larger range of campus and regional service providers. Such services include providing a site-independent identity management system and single sign-on hub to support resource access across universities; supporting independent allocations processes through the XSEDE Resource Allocation Service (XRAS); offering a range of resource-independent training courses on HPC and computational topics; supporting campus facilitators through the Champions community, Champions Fellows program, and resource allocations; fostering the XSEDE SP Forum where research computing centers can share best practices; promoting shared resource software and capabilities to a national and international user community; and targeting workforce development of HPC and STEM professionals through a range of outreach programs to diverse and underrepresented communities. In this panel, XSEDE leadership representatives will describe and discuss with attendees the opportunities for engagement between XSEDE and advanced research computing centers. We expect each of the major areas of XSEDE to be represented. Campus research computing center managers, campus facilitators, research computing sys admins and user support staff, and outreach staff may benefit from understanding the range of offerings from XSEDE.