Undergraduate computer science research lab at regional university empowers students
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TimeWednesday, July 253:30pm - 4:15pm
DescriptionThis session will include a remote panel of students and their undergraduate research mentors. The undergraduate students have co-authored internal and NSF grants, built desktop computers and ordered servers, met with regional service providers and international technical experts, and given presentations on the at the state, regional, national and international levels. We will share what has worked well, what has not, and talk about some of the teaching moments in our undergraduate program.
At SWOSU, we set up Blue Thunder Alley, a place where students and professionals come together to solve problems. We empowered our students to decide what resources they wanted to go after, supported them through the grant writing process, and stepped in when needed. The students have responded in amazing ways that have helped us all see a little more of the world and have access to better equipment and do better research. Our students wrote internal grants and obtained funding for everything in BTA. They programmed the firewall and switch with help of the local regional ISP. They built their own ethernet cables. They designed desktops based on their available budget, selected a component vendor, and trained the junior members of the team how to put the computers together. They do their own software installations, they have their own copies of the operating systems. Few faculty have keys to the door and no faculty has an admin password on any equipment in the room.