Student Technical Paper
Technical Paper
Windows-based Workflows on Linux-based Beowulf Clusters
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Student Technical Paper
Technical Paper
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Technical Paper
Student Technical Paper
TimeTuesday, July 2411:45am - 12pm
DescriptionScientists with non-traditional computational and workflow needs are a growing demographic in Research Computing. In order to serve these scientific communities we must create new ways to leverage existing resources. One set of problems that is not properly served revolves around Microsoft Windows-based software. These softwares can be both legacy software that have no modern counter-part or traditionally GUI software that have had batch components integrated into them. In this paper we describe a general solution and three successful use-cases using Microsoft Windows Virtual Machines in both interactive and non-interactive batch jobs on Linux-based Beowulf-style clusters to complete workflows based on Microsoft Windows software. With this general solution the utility of ubiquitous Beowulf clusters can be extended.