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A Cloud-Based Scientific Gateway for Internet of Things Data Analytics
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Technical Paper
TimeWednesday, July 253:30pm - 3:45pm
DescriptionAs inexpensive Internet of Things (IoT) sensors have become widely available, an increasing number of researchers in domains as diverse as the engineering and geosciences, biomedicine, the social sciences, and even the arts have become interested in the insights and creative expression such sensors might enable. At the University of Iowa, we convened a series of meetings at which we posed the following framing question: “What would you do with 10,000, ~$10 sensors?” These discussions identified the clear need for a standard, end-to-end infrastructure for sensor deployment and data collection through data analytics and visualization, one that allowed researchers to focus on research and scholarship rather than infrastructure development. This paper describes the development of a suite of wireless sensors and a cloud-based toolkit for data capture, analysis, and visualization, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), MQTT, and Jupyter notebooks.