Technical Paper
Scaling Puppet and Foreman for HPC
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Technical Paper
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TimeTuesday, July 242pm - 2:15pm
DescriptionThe Ohio Supercomputer Center has deployed a Puppet configuration
management and Foreman provisioning environment that scales to
almost one thousand servers that are a mix of HPC cluster compute and
service nodes as well as storage, web, and infrastructure servers. The
motivation for using a common provisioning and configuration management
environment for all computers at OSC was to minimize the unique
environments with their own management tools, as well as to provide
for unified management of network booting, DNS, and audit interfaces for
change management. In this paper, we describe several novel methods
used to scale Puppet to a large number of servers, as well as the use of
the Foreman provisioning environment as a global key-value store. We
also present our implementation of multiple environment configurations
that allow us to support development and test environments in parallel
and integrated with production configuration management.