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Continuous Integration and Delivery for HPC: Using Singularity and Jenkins
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Technical Paper
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TimeTuesday, July 242:30pm - 2:45pm
DescriptionContinuous integration, delivery, and deployment (CICD) is widely used in DevOps communities, as it allows for teams of all sizes to deploy rapidly-changing hardware and software resources quickly and confidently. In this paper, we will describe how University of Colorado Boulder Research Computing has adopted these practices on the RMACC Summit supercomputer to allow system engineers and researchers alike to capitalize on the benefits of CICD-centric development workflows. We will introduce the topic of CICD at a high level and describe how such practices can ease common software management challenges for High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources. We will then document the infrastructure deployed for Summit, and explain how software such as Jenkins and Singularity enabled adaptation for an HPC environment. We will conclude with two case studies discussing the use of our CICD infrastructure: one case study from the perspective of a system engineer maintaining user-facing resources, and the other case study from the perspective of a researcher developing, maintaining, and using the MFiX-Exa codebase.