Technical Paper
Homogenizing OSG and XSEDE: Providing Access to XSEDE Allocations through OSG Infrastructure
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Technical Paper
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HPC Facilitation
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HPC Workforce
TimeTuesday, July 242:45pm - 3pm
DescriptionWe present a system that allows individual researchers and virtual organizations
(VOs) to access allocations on Stampede2 and Bridges through the Open Science
Grid (OSG), a national grid infrastructure for running high throughput
computing (HTC) tasks. Using this system, VOs and researchers are able to run
larger workflows than can be done with OSG resources alone. This system allows
a VO or user to run on XSEDE resources (with their allocation) using the same
framework used with OSG resources.
The system consists of two parts: the compute element (CE) that routes workloads
to the appropriate user accounts and allocation on XSEDE resources, and
simulated access to the CernVM Filesystem (CVMFS) servers used by OSG and
VOs to distribute software and data. This allows jobs submitted through this
system to work on a homogeneous environment regardless of whether they run
on XSEDE HPC resources (like Stampede2 and Bridges) or OSG.