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Using Advanced Computing to Recover Black Women’s Lost History: Exploring Seamless Creativity in Research that spans Computer Science, Social Sciences and the Humanities
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Plenary Sessions
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TimeWednesday, July 259:20am - 10:05am
DescriptionThroughout history, Black women’s lived experiences have often been invisible and erased. Therefore, it is important to combat this erasure and move toward a correction and claiming of Black women’s space within the digitized record. This presentation will discuss a study that employed latent dirichlet allocation (LDA) algorithms and comparative text mining to search 800,000 periodicals in JSTOR (Journal Storage) and HathiTrust from 1746 to 2014 to identify the types of conversations that emerged about Black women's shared experience over time and the resulting knowledge they developed. This presentation will also discuss the potential for seamless creativity and the need to de-mystify advance computing tools across the social sciences and humanities.