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NSF Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Town Hall
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Plenary Sessions
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TimeWednesday, July 251:30pm - 2:15pm
DescriptionOAC’s overarching mission is to conceptualize, design and implement the advanced cyberinfrastructure that is critical to the advancement of all areas of science and engineering research and education. We are currently in an era marked by extreme and pervasive compute and data, with dramatic changes in the scale and nature of cyberinfrastructure requirements.

We are also witnessing dramatic changes in technologies and resources. It is essential that the research cyberinfrastructure ecosystem evolve in response to these changes, and, moving forward, we will evolve our priorities and programs accordingly, driven as always by science needs. OAC recognizes the need to work closely with the diverse science and engineering communities to tightly couple the cycles of discovery and innovation essential to addressing new challenges and opportunities in an era of disruptive technologies. This session will provide an opportunity for OAC to engage more closely with the OAC community.

We would like to share in your successes and achievements as well as listen to your thoughts and concerns as we define the future of cyberinfrastructure research and research cyberinfrastructure.