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A New Science Gateway to Provide Decision Support on Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies
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TimeTuesday, July 246:30pm - 8:30pm
DescriptionCO2 capture and storage (CCS) is a promising climate change mitigation technology. Successful CCS deployment requires consideration of the costs associated with capturing, storing, and transporting CO2, as well as the potential revenue from the utilization of CO2. This requires careful analysis of pipeline construction, considering not only all the CO2 sources and sinks possible, but also continuous operation over a long period. In addition, uncertainties make it difficult to evaluate the risks of a long-term large-scale CCS project.
SimCCS is a tool that provides decision support and risk assessment for infrastructure construction proposals. In this study, we extend SimCCS to address scalability and provide an adapted version available as software as a service through the SimCCS Science Gateway. The SimCCS gateway provides easy access to supercomputer resources within XSEDE, as well as local campus resources. It has three components: 1) a web client to provide basic access to data sets available to the community and managing user experiments; 2) a desktop client for users to prepare the model and transferring models to and from supercomputers with corresponding solution visualization; and 3) Apache Airavata middleware to bridge the communication between clients and supercomputers and the related scripts and solvers to run the models. The open release of the SimCCS Gateway is designed to build a platform that enables other researchers to conduct CCS research at spatial resolutions and scales not previously attainable.