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Grid Technology for Supporting Health Education and Measuring the Health Outcome
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TimeTuesday, July 246:30pm - 8:30pm
DescriptionEarlier studies support the notion that health education is a critical component of preventive medicine. Several school health providers routinely offer health education to school age children on a variety of topics ranging from obesity intervention to prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Similarly, community health organizations operating in various counties provide health education to both adults and school age children. Training is also provided to the social- and healthcare providers. These educational and training materials require relatively large digital storage space. Moreover, to measure the effect of such health education on the outcome on the participants’ health, data from demographic, socioeconomic, personal health records, genomics, etc. are also needed to be stored that require very large digital storage space for further analysis. In addition, these health education and training materials are needed to be available 24/7 through the web and be accessible using any devices including Smartphones and tablets whenever participants desire to access.

In this poster, we will present our developed health-IT solution that address these challenges: developing the strategies not only to store such a vast amount of data but also making those available to the researchers for further analysis that can measure the outcome on the participants’ health. The developed C-Grid solution to store, manage and share large amounts of these instruction materials and participants’ health related data, where the remote management and analysis of this data grid is performed using iRODS, the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System will be presented in detail at the poster session.