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XDMoD User's Group Meeting
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TimeWednesday, July 2510:30am - 12pm
DescriptionXDMoD is a framework to monitor usage and performance on HPC systems. It is NSF's primary tool to monitor the HPC resources that service XSEDE. In addition to the XSEDE version of XDMoD there is also a closely-related Open XDMoD tool which is intended to monitor HPC usage and performance on non-XSEDE systems such as academic, industrial and governmental computer centers. Open XDMoD has been downloaded thousands of times and has a known international user base of several hundred computer centers. As such, XDMoD and Open XDMoD have a dedicated user base that has been very active and invested in the annual XDMoD user's group meetings. The combination of the strong ties to XSEDE users and the outreach to non-XSEDE users make the PEARC meeting the ideal place to hold the XDMoD user's group meeting as evidenced by the large number of participants that were drawn to this meeting at PEARC17.

We will make a PPT presentation introducing XDMoD and describing new features and developments. Then we will present several short live interactive demonstrations of XDMoD concentrating on new features. Throughout the program we will answer questions about XDMoD. Finally we will end in a final question and answer session during which potential new users can ask about XDMoD and experienced users can share their experiences, concerns and desires for new features.