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Campus Champions Fellows Presentations
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Plenary Panel
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TimeThursday, July 2610:30am - 11:15am
DescriptionThe XSEDE Campus Champions Fellows program partners Campus Champions with ECSS staff and research teams to work side by side for a year on real-world science and engineering projects. Fellows will develop expertise within varied areas of cyberinfrastructure, and they are already well positioned to share their advanced knowledge through their roles as the established conduits to students, administrators, professional staff, and faculty on their campuses. In addition to the technical knowledge gleaned from their experiences, the individual Fellows will benefit from their personal interactions with the ECSS staff and will acquire the skills necessary to manage similar user or research group project requests on their own campuses. The Campus Champions Fellows program is a unique opportunity for a select group of individuals to learn first-hand about the application of high-end cyberinfrastructure to challenging science and engineering problems.

The 2017 Fellows who will be sharing their experiences over the past year are:

Richard Gayler has been working with ECSS staff member Damon McDougall, who splits his time between TACC and the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES). They have been working in support of PI, Patrick Fragile at the College of Charleston. Dr. Fragile studies black hole acacretion disk theory. Dr. Fragile and his team are working to move their MPI-based Cosmos++ code to a hybrid OpenMP/MPI model to take better advantage of XSEDE architectures, particularly the KNL Stampede2 system at TACC.

Chet Langin has been working with Alex Ropelewski, Director of the Biomedical Applications Group at the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center (PSC). They are supporting PI Suping Zhou, Research Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Tennessee State University. Zhou's project is entitled "Computational Support for Bioinformatics Projects on Assembly Analysis of Fungal Metagenomes for the Discovery of Genes Involved in Important Biological Processes." Working with Ropelewski, Langin has assisted the Tennessee State team in using Bridges in the bioinformatics analysis of eukaryotic metagenomic DNA samples from goat rumen.

Semir Sarajlic has been paired with Suresh Marru, the Deputy Director of the Science Gateways Research Center at Indiana University's Pervasive Technology Institute. They have been working with PI Mohan Ramamurthy the Director of the Unidata Program Center at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) on his project "Atmospheric Science in the Cloud: Enabling Data-Proximate Science" on Jetstream and Wrangler. One goal of this work is to make it straightforward for users to pull data from Unidata to request resources dynamically to burst to Jetstream through the use of OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker and JupyterHub.

Dan Voss has been paired with Rich Knepper, Deputy Director at the Center for Advanced Computing, Cornell University. Rich works in XSEDE's Capability and Resource Integration (XCRI) group. The project is focused on augmenting the exceptional toolkits from XCRI, XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) software toolkit and the XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT), to include advanced capabilities and "recipes" from XSEDE National Supercomputing Centers. Site-specific configurations and “secret sauces” from the Centers will be standardized and shared with the community in a transparent, easily digestible manner.

Note on agenda/Special Requests (for Organizing Committee/timing purposes only - please do not include in final description):

Members of the Campus Champions Fellows program will briefly present their individual projects to the community. After all presentations are completed, the Fellows will be given plaques celebrating the completion of their project. This year there will be 4 Fellows. Time needed: about 45 minutes to 1 hour max. Special requests: No timing conflict with John Towns to allow for photo opportunity. Request pairing sequentially with a plenary, Champions panel or other similar Champions branded workshop to maximize attendance.