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Science Gateways Hackathon Event
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TimeFriday, July 278am - 7pm
DescriptionGateways have the potential to change the way scientists think about and interact with their science. They have the potential to democratize access to data as well as the instruments, organisms, and environments from which they were produced. Gateways have the potential to connect people to their data, colleagues, and the world around them in ways they never knew existed. Gateways are the intersection of science and online software. The Science Gateway Community Institute Workforce Development area is a primary supporter of HACK@PEARC.

A hackathon is a time bounded event where people engage in focused collaboration in small ad-hoc teams over a short period of time. They have become increasingly popular in recent years with the main student hackathon league attracting ~65,000 students to participate in over 200 events each year alone. Hackathons come in a variety of different forms, and serve many different purposes. These purposes include developing resources, infrastructure, practices, and culture for a community.

We propose a hackathon to introduce students attending PEARC, to the concepts of Science Gateways. The aim of the hackathon is to stimulate interest in Science Gateways, while developing projects that are of value to researchers from different disciplines. We believe that PEARC is an ideal venue for this particular event, because it welcomes researchers, students, and practitioners from various disciplines that are interested and skilled in the high performance computing field. We will actively engage undergraduate/graduate students in building and using gateways in an effort to peak their interest into becoming further involved in this seamless creative means of merging science, software, and resources.

We anticipate 20 students to participate in the hackathon which will last for a total of 27 hours starting from Thursday July 26 at 3:00pm. We require room large enough to hold eight (8) tables which can seat six (6) people each for the hackathon. Electrical outlets are needed at each table and WiFi made available to all participants. Additional food arrangements and lodging will be supported by Carnegie Mellon University through a grant by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on Thursday and Friday.