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Hackathon: Developing and Applying Best Practice Protocols for Running Applications and Software on HPC Systems
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TimeMonday, July 238:30am - 5pm
DescriptionFor this session at PEARC18, we are piloting a mechanism to help research computing practitioners share and develop solutions with others in the field who share their challenges or interests by providing a hackathon opportunity where interested users can work directly with projects before, during, and after the conference.
Rather than simply working through tutorials, this hackathon will focus on participants bringing their real-world problems and applications and engaging with project developers, hackathon organizers, and each other to create solutions and share these with the community.
The theme of this initial hackathon is reproducible and portable computing. We are featuring several projects around this theme that participants can choose to engage with starting now, at the face-to-face hackathon at PEARC18, and after the conference.

Participants are invited to engage with any of the projects listed below. Go to for more information and to get involved with the hackathon. Send any questions to


Docker and Singularity: Containerize your application and run with Singularity

Makeflow and Work Queue: Run portable workflows in your own personal cloud with Makeflow and Work Queue

Bioconda and BioContainers: Use and improve Bioconda and BioContainers for portable, reproducible bioinformatics