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EQ and related topics Lunch discussion following PEEQ @ PEARC workshop
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Special Event
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Special Event
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TimeWednesday, July 2512pm - 1:30pm
DescriptionThis lunch discussion is designed to provide additional opportunities for further discussions about the takeaways from PEEQ @ PEARC workshop and about any follow-up activities after PEARC18. Through the workshop, the participants learn emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to integrate EQ training into other Workforce Development activities happening in the PEARC community, such as developing "professional skills" beyond just "technical skills", mentoring activities, competency-based interviewing (CBI), and more. The lunch discussion event will bring workshop participants and non-workshop participants to dedicated lunch tables to discuss and share ideas, best practices, and collaboration opportunities.

Each table will have one or more organization committee members to facilitate the discussions. Participants may freely discuss any topics from the proposed list of topics or open-ended questions within their own table or join in other tables for different topics. An exit poll or questionnaire will be circulated to all participants to conclude the lunch discussion session.