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Adventures of Two Student Research Computing Facilitators
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TimeTuesday, July 246:30pm - 8:30pm
DescriptionThe NSF-sponsored Northeast Cyberteam program ( is matching student research computing facilitators with research projects at small and medium sized institutions that need help making use of high performance computing resources. Students are selected based on relevant domain knowledge and level of interest in exploring the Research Computing Facilitator role as a career path. Each student is paired with an experienced mentor, and each project lasts 3-5 months.

The poster presents results from two of the ~10 Northeast Cyberteam projects that are either completed or in progress at the time of the conference. Students will be prepared to discuss the research projects that they supported, how their efforts advanced each project, reflections on what they learned about the Research Computing Facilitator role, and recommendations on how other sites might make best use of students as Research Computing Facilitators.

In the first project, conducted at the University of Maine, improvements to application performance and parallelization have enabled production of forest attribute data at significantly higher volume, changing the philosophy of forest mapping from creating a single map to creating and assessing thousands of maps, making it possible to assess and (to some degree) trade off errors between maps.

The second project expanded efforts to introduce computational chemistry into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum at Bridgewater State University. Having access to a high performance computer cluster allows for studying “real world” systems and also provides students with an opportunity to experience how research computing is done in academia and/or chemical/pharmaceutical industries.