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Simplifying Access to Campus Resources at Southern Illinois University with a Science Gateway
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TimeTuesday, July 246:30pm - 8:30pm
DescriptionNot all the researchers are comfortable in using High-Performance Computing (HPC) Systems. Southern Illinois University’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) Research Computing assists our researchers to get on these systems and use them for their research activities. One such potential use case at SIU involves the group of researchers from Life Sciences who were trying to use MaSuRCA, a genome-sequencing tool for their research. Although the leaders of this research are well versed in using BigDog (SIU’s HPC Cluster), other fellow researchers did have issues in using the cluster for their work. It was time to look for efficient ways of enabling them to use the cluster. We examined using Science Gateways which can help our researchers to use the computational cluster without logging on to a Linux-based HPC system.

OIT is currently collaborating with the Science Gateways Research Center at Indiana University (IU) on the use of Apache Airavata as a Science Gateway framework for the MaSuRCA user community at SIU. The IU team members provide hosting and operations for Apache Airavata middleware as part of the project. IU collaborators also provide a basic science gateway user interface, the PGA. The SIU gateway, although hosted off campus, is integrated with SIU’s BigDog cluster and provides authentication and user management through SIU’s central authentication mechanisms.