Introduction to Science Gateways for New Users
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Tutorial Half-Day
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TimeTuesday, July 241:30pm - 5pm
DescriptionThe purpose of this tutorial is to introduce science gateways to new users, scientific software providers, campus and domain champions, and user services staff at computing centers by offering hands on tutorials and demos of several prominent science gateways, including CIPRES, the Neuroscience Gateway, and SEAGrid. The tutorial will also include a “gateway parade” of recently developed Apache Airavata-based gateways, demonstrating use of gateways to provide software as a service, to support classroom usage, and to integrate XSEDE and campus resources.

The target audience members are scientists and instructors who are new to high performance computing and who optionally are familiar with common software packages in their field, but who do not have deep experience with using supercomputers and clusters. Campus Champions who work closely with new users are also encouraged to attend. The bulk of the tutorial will be a sequence of hands-on activities that introduce attendees to domain specific gateways.

The organizers will provide all required input files and data for the exercises. Attendees will be encouraged to work with gateway providers on their specific research problems. Each hands-on session will demonstrate how to create an account on the science gateway; how to create, submit, and monitor a submission of a specific application code; and how to retrieve final results. Each session will also include a feedback opportunity to help new users understand the additional capabilities of each gateway and optionally try out attendee-provided input data.