Programmable Cyberinfrastructure- Clusters in the Cloud
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Tutorial Full-Day
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TimeMonday, July 238:30am - 5pm
DescriptionCloud computing is growing area for educating students and performing meaningful
scientific research. The challenge for many educators and researchers is knowing
how to use some of the unique aspects of computing in the cloud. One key feature
is true elastic computing - resources on demand. This can be as simple as being able
to provision a single purpose-driven virtual machine by hand quickly and easily. It
can be taken a step further into creating scripted launch of additional resources
as needed. Beyond that, elastic computing techniques can go to the next level and
create modest virtual clusters on demand.

While cloud resources won't replace traditional HPC environments for large research
projects, there are many smaller research and education projects that would benefit
from the highly customizable, highly configurable, programmable cyberinfrastructure
afforded by cloud computing environments. This tutorial will discuss the basic methods
required for interacting with elastic computing environments. It will then show a
hands-on approach to creating virtual clusters in an Openstack environment, including
the necessary steps to make the cluster fully elastic, to take full advantage of the
cloud environment.