Workshop on Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training (SEHET18)
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TimeWednesday, July 251:30pm - 5pm
LocationFort Pitt
DescriptionHigh performance computing is becoming central for empowering scientific progress in the most fundamental research in various science and engineering, as well as society domains. It is remarkable to observe that the recent rapid advancement in the mainstream computing technology has facilitated the ability to solve complex large-scale scientific applications that perform advanced simulations of the implementation of various numerical models corresponding to numerous complex phenomena pertaining to diverse scientific fields. The inherent wide distribution, heterogeneity, and dynamism of the today’s and future computing and software environments provide both challenges and opportunities for cyberinfrastructure facilitators, trainers and educators to develop, deliver, support, and prepare a diverse community of students and professionals for careers that utilize high performance computing to advance discovery.

The SEHET18 workshop is an ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter coordinated effort aimed at fostering collaborations among the practitioners from traditional and emerging fields to explore strategies to enhance computational, data-enabled and HPC educational needs. Attendees will discuss approaches for developing and deploying HPC training, as well as identifying new challenges and opportunities for keeping pace with the rapid pace of technological advances - from collaborative and online learning tools to new HPC platforms. The workshop will provide opportunities for: learning about methods for conducting effective HPC education and training; promoting collaborations among HPC educators, trainers and users; and for disseminating resources, materials, lessons learned and good/best practices.