Models and Practices for Building Diverse Research Computing Teams
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TimeMonday, July 238:30am - 5pm
DescriptionIn this workshop, participants will learn how to build and manage effective, diverse teams by working through real-world examples and exercises. Demands on research computing centers are changing, and many new domains are adopting computationally intensive research methods. As we support researchers from a broader range of research areas, it becomes more important to build diverse teams that effectively engage with traditional and non-traditional users of computing resources. A team diverse in domain and cultural experience, and in communication and technical skills, is in a better position to serve the broader research community; this sort of acquired diversity often goes hand in hand with increased inherent diversity. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining a more diverse staff requires special attention and adjustments to the job descriptions, outreach, interview, and management of team dynamics.

We will first discuss the concepts and motivations for team diversity, and will hear a few stories from peers on successful hiring methods and models used. This workshop will provide the participants with tools and best practices to build and manage diverse teams. Participants should come prepared to practice using these tools on real-world examples and engage in group discussions. Participants will learn how these tools and practices are applied to the hiring process and management. We will discuss ways to improve retention and productivity by promoting inclusivity and managing conflict in diverse teams. As an outcome of the workshop, we will curate a portfolio of effective hiring methods as a toolkit to share among PEARC and related communities.