Library and Research Computing Efforts and Tools to Improve Data Sharing and Archiving
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TimeTuesday, July 241:30pm - 5pm
LocationFort Pitt
DescriptionPublishers, funders, and scientific practice increasingly require sharing research data via online repositories. Libraries have a tradition of sharing/archiving materials and are now more involved with research data sharing and archiving. However, large data files - particularly from HPC systems - are very challenging to distribute and archive. Storage can also be a challenge for researchers working in field stations and remote sites. However, NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure (XSEDE) has traditionally emphasized computing power, with little effort to provide data storage/archiving beyond what is needed for a specific computation. Science gateways and resources targeted at smaller computing jobs (like Comet and Jetstream) have succeeded in increasing the accessibility of NSF-funded computing resources. Accessible computational resources should include provision for long-term data storage and take advantage of developments in Library data services.

This workshop will feature ongoing efforts around research data storage and sharing, and how Libraries and Research Computing groups can work together to provide infrastructure and best practices to support the full research lifecycle. These presentations will highlight tools supported by campus services to help researchers archive and share their data.