PEEQ @ PEARC: Practice & Experience in Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
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TimeWednesday, July 2510:30am - 3pm
DescriptionCommunicating and connecting with people are key skills that cyberinfrastructure (CI) facilitators need when working with diverse researchers on campus, and for collaborative research. We all have minds and emotions— but rarely have we gotten an in-depth education in how they work.

This workshop introduces development of emotional intelligence and skillful mental habits by learning how the mind & emotions function. The format is interactive and experiential, and begins with a foundation of moment-by-moment awareness of our minds, bodies, emotions, speech, and actions. It is based on content from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute — developed by Google and based on neuroscience.

With this foundation, we’ll turn to different domains of emotional intelligence: attention training, mindful communication, emotional awareness, resilience, empathy, and intention. Participants will explore these areas and develop the knowledge and concrete tools to bring the benefits of emotional intelligence and skillful mental habits into daily life and work. This workshop’s method is unique in teaching not only through explanations from the fields of neuroscience and emotional intelligence, but also emphasizes learning about the mind in a “first-person” way through experiential practice.

Furthermore, these skills will serve as a foundation and introduction to EQ for CI Facilitators. Participants will learn basic principles for better understanding themselves and the people they work with, which will prepare them to be more effective leaders.

All materials will be released as open source to the PEARC community for use and further development at your institution.