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TimeTuesday, July 246:30pm - 8:30pm
Scalable infrastructure for Science using Openstack and Ceph
A New Science Gateway to Provide Decision Support on Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies
Scaling large, parallel file system backups
Grid Technology for Supporting Health Education and Measuring the Health Outcome
A novel method to generate parallel Halton Sequences
Sequential and Parallel Algorithms to Solve the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem
Scaling JupyterHub Using Kubernetes on Jetstream Cloud: Platform as a Service for Research and Educational Initiatives in the Atmospheric Sciences
HPC Educational Programs for Middle School and High School Students
The ‘Ike Water Gateway - Current State
Code Optimization and Stabilization for a High-Resolution Terrain Generation Application
Supporting Science Gateways Using Apache Airavata and SciGaP Services
Structure Bioinformatics Gateway with Airavata
HPC Evaluate And Plan
Managing Allocations on Your Research Resources? XRAS is here to help!
PHASTA Science Gateway for High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics
Genome annotation using the MAKER-P on JetStream cloud
Using a Science Gateway to Deliver SimVascular Software as a Service for Classroom Instruction
Detection of Insider Threat Activities: A Data Analysis Approach
Automated Synchronization and Boundary Condition Application For the Cactus Framework
A Flexible, Cloud-based Sensor Data Service Platform
Undergraduates Utilizing HPC to Perform Research on an Open Problem in Abstract Algebra
Towards a Parallel User Tool (ParDP) for Automatic Data Partitioning of Relational Databases
Integrating Travel and Epidemic Models through Computational Analysis
Harvesting Field Station Data: Raspberry Pi Sensors to Jetstream Databases
Molecular Dynamics Acceleration on Many-core Architectures
Version Control Graphical Interface for Open OnDemand
Impact of Virtualization and Containers on Application Performance and Energy Consumption
Science Gateway Implementation at the University of South Dakota: Applications in Research and Education
Using Jetstream to Enable Large-Scale Text Analysis of Tweets
Computational Investigations of Optimal Scrambled Halton Sequences
The Influence of CyberInfrastructure on Scientific Computing at NMSU
Evaluating NextCloud as a File Storage for Apache Airavata
Evaluating the Fault Tolerance Performance of HDFS and Ceph
A Machine Learning Method For Unmixing 4-D Ptychographic Images And Its Implementation on GPU
De Novo Assembly and Annotation for Goat Rumen Bacterial and Fungal Metagenomes
A Flexible, Cloud-based Sensor Data Service Platform
Artificial Neural Networks in Fluid Dynamics: A Novel Approach to the Navier-Stokes Equations
Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: fMRI Big Data Analysis via Convolutional Neural Networks
Estimating Housing Prices in Florida via Machine Learning
Adventures of Two Student Research Computing Facilitators
Unmixing 4-D Ptychographic Image: Data Approach
Parallel FFT Package Performance Testing
Simplifying Access to Campus Resources at Southern Illinois University with a Science Gateway
Satellite data validation using the WRF Model and High Performance Computing paradigms
Investigation of Florida Housing Prices using Predictive Time Series Model
Leveraging Parallel Spatio-Temporal Computing for Crime Analysis in Large Datasets: Analyzing Trends in Near-repeat Phenomenon of Crime in Cities
Scalable Biomedical Image Synthesis with GAN
The Study of Integrated Marine Protected Area Climate Tools (IMPAC)
CUDA-Accelerated Simulation of Brownian Dynamics
HPC Hyper-Converged Virtualized Software-Defined Storage Framework
Domain-Specific Experiential Learning in HPC as an Introductory Framework
Apache Airavata Resource Allocation System
Classification of Periodicity in Subtraction Game Sequences
Applying iRODS to The Brain Image Library